What is De-Tan

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Rain or Shine, The UV index of tamilnadu is always high to very high. 9 being the lowest in December and 12 being highest through February to October. Higher the UV index, Higher the potential to damage human skin. Kindly Refer McKinlay-Diffey erythema action spectrum.
Tanning is a defence mechanism adopted by our skin to prevent tissue damage and DNA damage by shorter wavelength of UV spectrum. Thus the longer you are exposed to Sun more melanin pigments are produced in the skin. The more melanin pigments are produced the darker the skin becomes. Our skin does this by producing an enzyme called tyrosinase in reaction to UV which catalyses the melanin production.
We Indians have skin colour ranging from brown to dark brown. Tanning makes the sun exposed parts of skin extra dark resulting in uneven skin tone. Foreheads, Chin and Cheek areas, Parts of Neck are easily darkened with exposure to sun.
De tan treatment offered by Glam Studios Katpadi will help you to retain the original even skin tone.

So what happens during the De tan procedure?

  • Inhibiting production of tyrosinase enzyme by treating the skin with Vitamin C. Our de tan treatment does this by applying de tan cream with citric acid as the main ingredient. Vitamin C being an antioxidant helps damaged tissues on the skin surface to heal.
  • Application of Kojic acid, Kojic acid has the same effect as vitamin C on Tyrosinase, the main difference is Vitamin C slows down the tan production or Melanogenesis, Kojic acid directly attacks enzyme tyrosinase and prevents the pigmentation further.

While the above two natural extracts are mixed with honey or milk bases and the depigmentation is done along with moisturisation.
A number of de tan sittings with interval of at least 15 days is recommended as skin will shed old darker layers and new layers will be formed of your natural born colour. While de tan helps you to avoid additional pigmentation it helps you to get even skin tone of your natural skin colour.
This summer at Glam Studios Katpadi avail de tan for just 299/-. Let’s brave the sun this summer.

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