Hair Straightening, Keratin, Smoothening Treatments

There are various types of treatments for hair in the market, namely

  1. Brazilian or Keratin Treatment
  2. Japanese or Cysteine Treatment
  3. Smoothening or Permanent Straightening
  4. Temporary Straightening

Before we look into the differences between the above treatments, let’s take a brief look into the anatomy of hair as the above treatments don’t concern scalp. Hair, as we all know is a lifeless structure made up of protein called keratin. Along with keratin, hair is rich in many amino acids notably cysteine. Keratin is a helical wound protein (like a spring). There are three types of bonds necessary to hold individual keratin fibres together. Salt bonds, Hydrogen bonds and sulphur bonds. Salt and hydrogen bonds are soluble in water and temporary. Whereas sulphur bonds form a more permanent bond between fibres. Keratin is highly insoluble in water. Cysteine amino acid is necessary for the presence of sulphur bonds in between the keratin proteins. Which directly contributes to physical structure and strength of hair. If we take cross section of a hair follicle, and move radially outward, we can see that hair has three prominent layers. Innermost is the medulla, middle layer is cortex and outer most layer is cuticle. The Medulla is made up of smooth keratin protein and rich in hydrogen bonds. The Cortex contains long, tightly wound keratin proteins.The cortex also contains pigments which give colour to the hair. The cuticle is the outermost layer which is made up of overlapping layers of hardened keratin. The cuticle protects the hair from external elements and gives shine to the hair strand. Oils and Serums fill the gaps in the cuticle and protect them from damage from heat, dehydration and stress.

Keratin treatment

As the name implies the keratin treatment is done when the cuticle and cortex are heavily damaged and hair is thinning and easy to break. The treatment focuses on depositing keratin directly on hair and restoring the strength and structure of the hair. If you have extensive damage from colouring or breakage from other chemical treatments, If your hair is damaged and has become very brittle and breaks easily you can consult with us for keartin treatment. Keratin in the product used for treatment is usually preserved in formaldehyde. USFDA have limited the use of formaldehyde in beauty products to a maximum of 0.05%. But most products available in India have formaldehyde content as high as 0.5%. As formaldehyde is a carcinogen and unsafe in large quantities, Glam Studios Katpadi use products containing only 0.02% of formaldehyde. Enquire with us to know more about safety measures we take with keratin treatment.

Cysteine treatment

The amino acid cysteine is responsible for sulphur bonds between the keratin. The treatment focuses on depositing cysteine on hair and restoring the hair strength by improving the bonds between keratin proteins. This treatment is done on special cases where hair is thick but lacking in strength.

Straightening and smoothening

Curly hair is not easy to maintain and hair straightening is necessary to make hair more manageable and easy to style. The shampoo or relaxing agent used will relax and soften the hair by disrupting the temporary hydrogen and salt bonds between keratin fibres. Then after drying hair ironed and straightened. All the above treatments involve ironing of hair to make it straight to make it more manageable and easy to style. Straightening is not recommended for hair that is recently coloured or chemically treated and damaged. Hope the above oversimplified explanation will help you to understand the different hair treatments. Walkin to Glam Studios Katpadi for a free consultation and affordable hair treatments.