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Hair Spa – as the name implies A spa for your hair. At Glam Studios, you have lots of hair spa options to choose from. Depending on your hair type and conditions Hair spa services are designed to address the specific needs. Hair and Scalp types vary from person to person. But the main problems remain the same despite the hair type.

Unlike other hair treatments, hair spa acts directly on your scalp as well as on your hair. This enables hair spa to treat

Hair Spa is a very cost effective solution to lingering hair problems such as hair fall, dandruff and thinning. If you’re starting to lose hair, A Glam Studios hair spa will help to maintain the hair volume and improve it to an extent. Don’t wait till it’s too late.

Glam Studios Katpadi offers solutions to the following hair and scalp related problems:

  • Dry and frizzy hair with hair fall problems.
  • Dandruff.
  • Oily scalp with hair fall problems.
  • Revitalising damaged hair.
  • Revitalising chemically treated hair.

Why Glam Studios Katpadi?

Hundreds of happy customers. Family friendly salon in Katpadi and expertise of our team.

The Basic Hair Spa procedure:

Bear in mind the procedure will vary from person to person based on hair type.


Hair spa starts with consultation on what troubles your hair and scalp. Based on scalp and hair type, hair mask and power mix are chosen.

Hair wash

Hair is washed before application of hair mask. Hair mask is applied to wet hair by emulsification technique.


Then scalp is massaged throughout for relaxation and then steam is applied to ensure proper absorption of nutrients and medication in mask is absorbed by hair and scalp. The steam application and massage helps to increase blood flow to scalp and open up the pores. While you relax.

Hair wash

The hair is washed to remove the mask and power mix and blow dried. Hair serum is applied and hair is set.

Now a visible difference in touch and look of hair will be there. It is advised to take hair spa bimonthly or monthly once as advised by our stylist. If necessary home care products will be recommended for you.

Hair Spa is a very safe, side effect free treatment for hair problems. A single sitting will provide marked change but multiple sittings is mandatory for complete cure for your hair related problem.

At Glam Studios Katpadi, The pricing is done in such a way that multiple sittings of Hair spa will cost less than single hair spa in other branded salons in Vellore.

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